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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Post it like u'r dying!

Hahaha.. Yup.. I have to post more and more stories to my blog..

Not becoz i'm gonna die.. No one knows about that..

For the time being.. My only reason for posting so many post is merely becoz i'm afraid that i will not have anymore spare time to do so when i'm back in my uni..

Sad ekh? Yeah..sad enough for me..'s not the end of the world so why gets gloomy when i can still give my story now to save for later..!'s like saving for your future.. but in my case.. it's investing actually.. Hehe..

Looking forward to write again..

Gonna steal some time to check out my blog..

Please leave a positive comments if u may so..

Till then..

T8 care!

p/s: bz day ahead..



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