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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Biring = wrackspurts ?

Salam & Hai fellas!

Haha..bler i bace je title kat atas tu.. Adoyai..nak tergelak lah..
Hanya orang Kelantan saje tau ape makna nye biring tu..

I pon xpenah tau binatang jenis apakah itu yg digelar biring until one day
my lil bro yg point out dat thing while it was flying around da fruits on our table ..

Haha..dat tiny tiny little flying thing is actually really small!! Like micro small! (exaggerate je lebey)..
Tapi serious cakap.. Serangga tu hanya sebesar (sekecil actually) seekor lalat yg dikecilkan saiz nye 10x ganda. Haaa..tau pon kecil kan??

Although benda terbang tu bukan la totally wrackpurts yg sama cam lam cter
Harry Potter tu tapi they look lot alike..da difference is that they aren't magic creatures..

According to Harry Potter wiki that stated :
A wrackpurts is an invisible creature which floats into a person's ears, making his or her brain go fuzzy. Wrackpurts are real, although many people don't believe so. They can be seen through aid of spectrespec.

So much for an info .. aite?

Haha..look at ur face! Terkejut ekh? Haha.. Naahh.. biring bukan wrackpurts pon.. Kowwtt..

Till then..
T8 care!!

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