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Monday, May 30, 2011

Maria Elena , Hana Tajima and Yuna

Yuuuupppp! I like those gurls and i think i'm starting to love them..
In da good way.. of kos lah!

Because Maria Elena is like the earliest woman vlogger i've watched and mind u..
she had the potential to become one of the successful vlogger alongside with
Matlutfi and Anwar Hadi.. 
hey..who says woman got no talent? She proves u wrong!
Hahaha to ur face!

Hana Tajima .. peerrgghhh!! xyah cakap la kan..
she's one of da fastest rising star in da fashion industry
and she had da courages to become one of the Islamic fashion designer
and of kos.. she succeeded!
But long journey awaits this young gurl who had converted into Muslimah
and that's when she had all those fashion concept turns into Muslimah concept..
Alhamdulillah.. Praise to Allah who had sent His Wisdom through young Muslimah like her..
She had become one of the trend setter to many young Muslimah out there including me..

Yuna.. well.. who doesnt know any single thing about her?
Yes..i'm not a fan of her.. but i admired her bravery to become 1st indie singer who wears shawl
and well to cover up her hair lah.. nak tutup aurat kan..
Yeay to her as well!! 

Tq to all of  u gurls who had become my inspiration..
i never thought shawls could be wore like yours..
haha.. jakun! 
n i xpenah pon berminat nak pakai shawl dulu..
tapi lepas tgk korang pakai ngan pelbagai fesyen dan gaya..
peerrhhhggg! Teringin nak try jgk la!

keep up da amasome work dears..
it's amazing + awesome!
Wuuhuu ~

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