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Monday, February 4, 2013

Gain more than you can bargain

Sometimes.. i feel so stressed out. Looking at other people's life that for me is much cooler and yeah..cooler than mine. I always observed what other people have that i don't have. I always want for more. Crave for more.

And i do sometimes realize that i am giving too much of my attention of what other people have, what other people think, what other people don't think until i get to the point that i looked down to myself.

And i don't think that is good. That is hardly nearer to any good for my mind and soul. 

Have you ever looked at someone that is much more successful, much more handsomely groomed or beautifully dressed and he or she seems like they have everything they wanted or worse, everything you wanted. In your whole life. Have you ever feel that way? That you are not getting what you want and you deserve more than what u have today?

If your answer is yes, then welcome aboard! I have that feeling. And i hate it.

Ever heard of this saying that goes some sort like "Gain more than you can bargain"?
You may not have all the thing that you wanted, but He knows what you needed. and that's what you get in your life.

Let say, i was given the wealth, the beauty, the limelight that i crave for, would i still be same me as i am now? Of course i would be different! With all the money and the things that i can have, and the showering of glam and everything, and i would be further and further and further away from what i used to be, what i hold dear, my humble self and Allah.

I am scared. If i was given all that i asked for, would i still be the same person that i used to be? if i can be better, then Alhamdulillah. but if i turn into a selfish brat who becomes cocky and arrogant, what will happen to me hereafter? 

So, listen brothers and sisters, let's be grateful with what we have today. It doesn't mean we don't have to work our sweat to make our ends meet, but we work our sweat to make our life and our beloved ones better. Better is not having what you asked for but having what you needed the most.

Good night. Love, me.

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