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Friday, April 27, 2012

How men are lucky

How men are lucky. Men wouldn't be questioned why are they working late on night. The answer is simple, to feed on his family.

If women do that, they will be executed by heart-breaking questions of why they are not at home baby-sitting their children.

How men are lucky. Men would be proud if their facial hairs grow. The younger the better. It shows how they mature immediately.

If women grow facial hairs, they would be laughed at. Saying that they are freak and boyish. The truth is, it's the hormone. They don't ask for it but they are given of it. Every cloud has its silver lining.

How man are lucky. To have a sexy six-pack belly when they work out and they don't even have to worry if they have to lose their shape and size after they are married. People would say they are happy in their marriage.

If women lose their shape and size after they are married, they have to worry. Because people would say that they don't know how to groom themselves to tackle their hubby's heart.

How pity the world have been. Oh no.. It's not the world. It's the people inside it.

So, if men are been given such gratitude,  why are there still men who want to change to women?
It doesn't make any sense. I don't see any sense out of it.

And women, be proud~ Coz there are bunch of men who would give their lives just to be a woman.
Chill.. :)


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