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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Xde mooD??

Cause you had a bad day 
You're taking one down 
You sing a sad song just to turn it around 
You say you don't know 
You tell me don't lie 
You work at a smile and you go for a ride 
You had a bad day 
The camera 
don't lie 
You're coming back 
down and you really don't mind 
You had a bad day 
You had a bad day 

Whenever or wherever u had a bad hair day
u tend to blame others around u
when that is da very reason why u had ur bad day

So fellas..
If u guys had gone through a very exhausting day
in your life..
dun put dat blame onto others as simply as that..

Your candle wont shine any brighter
when u put out other's..

And a bit of advice to u out there..
When u'r in ur moody phase..
Puuhhlliisss dun eva talk to me..

i had been scolded just because
i talk to u in ur moody time..


and if u have problem wit me
or with anybody
just spill da beans straight away
i'm not going to blast u anyway
so why save the temptation??

i've also been through many moody phase in my life
So it's not only u who have been in a difficult situation

So..chill out n relax!!
it wont cost u a thing ~

Dont hold that kind of 'smile'
for too long
or u wont get ur lips into their shape again!!



Anonymous said...

x de mood ye yunx??..
senang jew..
awak kol caye..pas2 caye pujuk awak..
insyaallah ok balik mood awak 2 yang..

Anonymous said...

eheee... i like!!

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